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The Only Accredited Reiki Training Provider In The North West Of England, Accreditation (FHT). 


Teaching and Training Accredited Reiki courses in Oldham, Shaw, Royton, Rochdale and Huddersfield. All our courses are Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT). 

All our courses meet the syllabus standards, of the

Qualifications credit framework (QCF) 

the Core Curriculum (CC)

The National Occupational Standards (NOS)

 and the Code of Conduct set out by the (FHT)

Assuring you of the very best in Reiki Training and Courses in Oldham Shaw Royton Rochdale and Huddersfield and all other immediate surrounding areas.


Reiki Tradition Specialise in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of natural Healing.

Reiki Training Courses running frequently from our training centre based in

Grotton Springhead Oldham in Lancashire.


Superb discounts and special offers always available.

Federation of Holistic Therapist Members, can Gain CPD points by attending any of our Courses.

Reiki 1st Degree 19 CPD points 

Reiki 2nd Degree 29 CPD points

Reiki 3rd Degree 29 CPD points


Our Next upcoming Accredited Qualification Reiki Course,

will be Displayed Here Soon once we are back operating correctly Again.



If you require Reiki Treatments

We have now introduced


Oldham Reiki Network


Its the aim of the Oldham Reiki Network to bring together Accredited Certified Reiki Practitioners working in the Oldham and surrounding areas either from their own individual Therapy rooms or mobile. You can also directly contact your selected practitioner for a time and date that best suits you for your Reiki treatment or simply use the online booking system. Rest assured when you choose a practitioner from "Oldham Reiki Network" for your Reiki Treatment you are in the best hands. To view our Oldham Reiki Network website please use the link below. 





Who We Are


Reiki Tradition is a Accredited Reiki Training Provider. Our teaching and training centre is based in Royton Oldham in Greater Manchester Lancashire where we have been established since 2008.  At Reiki Tradition we specialise in the Dr Mikao Usui System of Healing. If you are interested in Reiki either as a client or potential student, this site will help to answer some of your questions. Please navigate around the site using the options at the top of the page. If you have further questions that are not addressed here, you are welcome to contact us and we will try our best to help you. Since 22nd December 2015 all our Reiki Courses have now become "Accredited" Accreditation is by the Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT). We offer the best prices around on all our Courses.  Its easy to contact us please use our Contact us page, or telephone 0161 665 0799 or email us at info@reikitradition.me.uk where we will be pleased to offer you our assistance.



What We Do


All of us at some point in our lives feel down or depleted, or feel that we lack energy or struggle to cope with physical pain or emotional stress. At Reiki Tradition we listen to our clients with compassion and offer guidance where required. We offer a home visit service in the Oldham Royton Shaw Rochdale Delph and Saddleworth Huddersfield areas for those who may find it difficult to attend our healing centre. We provide FREE treatments to the terminally ill where possible. We also provide Reiki treatments specifically designed for children, the elderly and pets too. Please see the Reiki Healing button at the top of the page for more information about the types of healing we offer. We offer Accredited Reiki Healing, Teaching and Training, from our centre in Royton. Bespoke one to one Reiki courses in the Oldham, Royton, Milnrow, Shaw, Rochdale, Delph, Saddleworth and Huddersfield and all surround areas are also available. Call us now for all further information.


Further to our commitment we offer Reiki teaching/training course which are running frequently throughout the year. So if you would like Reiki for self healing or perhaps you would like to become a Reiki practitioner you can view our upcoming courses by selecting "Booking Agenda" above, then select "Upcoming Courses". Keep informed of all our discounts and special offers register on our Mailing list at the bottom of this page.


Working with Hospices and Hospitals


In 2018 we started to work with all leading Hospices and Hospitals in the Oldham and Tameside area. Working with all Practitioners to reach a National Occupational Standard (NOS). This is now becoming a main stream standard to allow practitioners to work in these demanding professional environments. Our work has coninued throught 2019 with many students and practitioners working in these environments something we are very prowd to see.


Our Reiki Lineage


In 2013 I published a book "step into line" an insight into a Reiki lineage. This book explains in detail all about all our past masters, traditional and none traditional Reiki Systems and when Reiki was introduced to the UK memorabilia from Hawayo Takata is also detailed. I was privileged to speak to all living past master whilst I was writing the book. My interests where how Reiki is being taught today and how it was taught at the time the past masters taught, this included Reiki Degrees, Symbols, Attunements, teachings. I can honestly say after speaking to Janine Sande, Judith Tripp Chasin, Sarah Hulme, and Ethel Kilroy all teachings, symbols, attunements, and Degrees are given exactly as they where at the time of the past masters. However we do now give cd's, dvd's, manuals and certificates as part of our presentations. A copy of the book is kept at the British library for safeguarding the future of the linage. We continually preserve the purity of the lineage all teaching, Symbols, Attunements, Degrees are given to our students the traditional Reiki way as Dr Mikao Usui intended. For a copy of the book "Step into Line" please contact us. or click here




Our Clients and Students


We cover all areas in and around the Oldham area, these being Oldham, Royton, Shaw, Rochdale, Milnrow, Saddleworth, Delph, and Huddersfield. We have students travelling as far as London, Birmingham, Scotland and Ireland to attend our courses. If you are interested in attending any of our courses, and you are travelling any distance we can arrange accommodation  for you please let us know in ample time. For students who cannot attend our courses we offer a one to one bespoke training service in the beauty of your home, these course for 1st and 2nd Degree will be run over 5 consecutive evenings. Our one to one Training courses are only available in the Oldham, Royton, Rochdale, Shaw, Milnrow, Saddleworth, Delph, and Huddersfield areas.

Our Courses

All our courses meet the syllabus standards, of the Qualifications credit framework (QCF)  the core curriculum, The National Occupational Standards (NOS) and  standards, and the code of conduct set out by the (FHT). All our Accredited 1st and 2nd Degree courses run for a minimum 14 hours and our Accredited 3rd Degree Master/Teacher Courses run for a minimum 17hrs. We never cut corners and never reduce training hours. Rest assured by attending any of our Accredited courses you will be taught to the highest standards in the Reiki industry meeting all criteria.

You can view all our upcoming events by selecting the link below

We apologise to all our students

But with the current situation with Coronavirus Copid-19

We have had to cancel our Accredited Reiki 1st degree course on the 21st 22nd March. 

We need to see how the current situation develops it may be we have to cancel further courses.

I can promise we will honour all deposits paid to us,

and all lost courses will be reinstated with new dates once we are back working correctly again.

Better still those students that have lost there course, we will give you a discount on the new course once we have dates. This is being honoured to you to say thank you for your understanding at this sad time.