Booking A Course With Us


At Reiki Tradition we operate two systems for you to book a course with us. Clients paying by Cheque / Postal Order please choose "Cheque / Postal Order" payment option button below.


For clients wishing to pay for courses using any Major Debit or Credit card please choose "Credit Card Payment"  payment option button below.


Selecting the correct option will take you to the correct booking procedure of your choice.


Please note all our Courses follow a specific routine which has been handed down from our masters, we only use original techniques and symbols. You can rest assured by selecting our courses you are getting the very best in Reiki Tuition. Invite a friend to join you on any of our courses and your friend pays only 50% how it works is simple, for every full paying student who invites a friend to join you on the same course and a friend only pays 50%. Reiki Tradition are 10th Generation to Dr Mikao Usui please see our unique and pure lineage under "about us" above. All our courses are run by Qualified, Certified and fully insured Reiki Masters / Teachers.