Cancellation and Refund Policy


Please Consider very carefully before submitting a booking for a Reiki  Level 1st Degree, Level 2nd degree, 0r level 3rd degree [master/teacher level] course run by Reiki Tradition. By submitting a course booking via the website you are deemed to have read, and understood and accepted the terms of this policy.

If you are not aware, Reiki seeks you as a lightworker and is not a 'fad' or 'something to do'; Reiki is a serious and spiritual commitment and undertaking formal training is a significant step on your spiritual journey.

All our courses meet the syllabus standards, of the Qualifications credit framework (QCF)  the core curriculum and  standards, and the code of conduct set out by the (FHT)


You can view, print and download our Cancellation and Refund Policy by selecting the PDF  found here.