Kakejiku Reiki precept scroll

Photoshop version

         This Kakejiku Reiki precept scroll is our Photoshop version of our Traditional style Kakejiku scroll please see additional listing. This scroll is a exact replica of the Gokai Reiki scroll and precepts as written by Dr Mikao Usui. As the traditional way this scroll is designed in a kakejiku style scroll using photoshop. This scroll will compliment any healing or training room. This scroll uses the traditional methods for hanging and rolling up:

  • Makio "wrapping cord"

  • Kakeo "hanging cord"

  • Kan" ring track"

  • Hassou "hanging top fitting"

  • Jikubou "roller rod"

         The scroll measures 54 inches high and 18 inches  wide. This scroll is posted in a cardboard posting tube. however, we do sell the traditional Paulownia wood scroll boxes to keep your scroll safe and secure when not hung please see our additional listing. These scrolls are made to order so please allow 2 weeks for delivery.