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Develop your Spiritual Awareness. This event will start Wednesday evening 22nd  February and will run weekly 7pm till 9pm. This event is capped to 10 attendees only. 

Spiritual Development Group

  • Reiki Tradition                

    Events Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy  

    Our Service Guarantee

    Reiki Tradition make every attempt to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience attending our events. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied please let us know at the time or within 48 hours once the event has concluded. 


    Reiki Tradition operate a first come first served online pre-booking system and no places can be held without online booking and payment.


    You have a statutory 14 day cooling off period for booking online services after this all bookings will become non – refundable

    (Consideration can be given in exceptional circumstances to transfer your booking to a future date and is at the discretion of the management of Reiki Tradition)


    Our Right to Refuse 

    Reiki Tradition operates a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and bullying and reserves the right to ask any person/s to leave if we believe them to be demonstrating abusive/ aggressive/ intimidating behaviour towards its staff or event members attending and no further bookings will be made available to them.

    We ask that all members arrive in a timely manner so the event can get started at the time advertised, failure to arrive on time can result in a refusal to allow entry. 


    Cancellation Policy

    Reiki Tradition strive continually to make sure our events run seamlessly and ontime, however there may be times when we have to postpone an event due to

    situations beyond our control. In the event this may happen we will honour your booking/s made with us and offer you a place on a future date.

    Reiki Tradition hopes you can attend a future date, but should this not be agreeable to you a request for a refund can be made by contacting the management team at Reiki Tradition.


    Methods of Payment

    Payments for all events are payable at time of booking and are payable through PayPal.

    Upon confirmation of your booking Reiki Tradition will forward a receipt to the email address provided within 24 hours, you will however have your PayPal payment confirmation as proof of purchase ( please check junk folders )

    Should you have not received your Reiki Tradition receipt after the 24 hours please contact us should you wish too but please be assured your PayPal receipt will be adequate proof of purchase. 


    •  Adopted on…………………………..[31st July 2022]
    •  Last reviewed………………………..[31st July 2022]
    •  Author……………………………….[Mr M R Thirlwell]
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