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This is a Special Event not to be missed

Starting Friday 16th February 2024

This event will run over a period of 12 consecutive weeks running Friday evenings 7pm till 9.15pm


This Event covers everything you need to know how Spirit are part of our everyday living life. How to understand and connect to spirit.

This event covers Awareness of Spirit and slowly moves onto Development, developing your Awareness. 


The course will demonstrate, Energy, Vibration and frequency. we will also involve tools with Audience participation throughout including, Dowsing, Flower Reading, Tarot, psychometry, physic writing and drawing. crystal ball. 

by the end of this course attendees will be able to fully understand Spirit and be able to link to Spirit and give Messages on a basic level. 


Tickets are limited to 10 Attendee's only

Tickets are priced at £120 which covers all evenings.

Special £20 discount for 'Early Bird Bookings' using code  AwDev2024


This special 'Early Bird Booking Code' will expire Midnight on the 26th December 2023.

Awareness & Development Event

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