These scrolls are sold by Reiki Tradition. Please note these scrolls are not for sale to everyone, To be able to purchase these scrolls you need to be a Master of Reiki Tradition. It is a honour to be able to hang one of these scrolls all our Masters have a understanding of the history of the Gokai. We keep a register of students who own one.


Thiis is the traditional Kakejiku Reiki precept scroll (Gokai). These scrolls are made in Japan using traditional methods handed down for generations these scrolls use original silks, papers and glues. The caligraphy is the traditional caligraphy and Kanji as written by Dr Mikao Usui .  Reiki Tradition has spent over 12 months researching  the history of these scrolls and searching for a kakejiku maker who can create these scrolls for us using the above traditional methods. These scrolls measure 67 inches high and 18 inches wide. We also supply a FREE translation to English so you can easily read what the scroll says. These scrolls come in a Paulownia wooden box  these are the traditional boxes to keep the scroll safe and secure when not hung. Please note due to how these scrolls are made its best not to hang where air conditioning is being used. These scrolls are made in Japan and a lead time of between 6 to 8 weeks from placing a order to delivery is required for it to be deliverd to the UK. All import taxes and costs are inclusive in the price. 

Traditional Kakejiku Reiki Precept Scroll (Gokai)

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