Reiki Share Evenings


At Reiki Tradition We offer FREE Reiki Share evening's or Afternoon's  frequently. What are Reiki Share evenings ??


A Reiki Share is a evening or afternoon of Reiki Healing and a get together for a talk on Reiki, we invite anyone to attend these evenings which are held at Hollinwood Oldham in Lancashire. If you are interested in Reiki this would be a great evening for you to attend we start the evening with a talk to get to know everyone then we start with the healing giving everyone in turn around 30 mins. The evening is very powerful with abundance of energy. You can view our next upcoming Reiki share evening at the bottom of this page.


The Reiki share are scheduled for around 3 hrs. Buffet and refreshments are supplied FREE on all our Reiki Shares. To reserve your place select "Book A Place" from the advertisement below you will be taken to our contact form, please fill in the form with your details we will reply with confirmation within 24 hours thank you.


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This is Guaranteed to be a superb evening of amazing energy not to be missed. FREE buffet and refreshments 

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This Reiki Share is limited to 15 people. We only have limited places now available this will fill up soon book now. PLACES LEFT 0