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At Reiki Tradition School of Reiki, our values and ethos when working with Reiki is Commitment, Conservation, and Preservation. We work with many hospitals and hospices covering a large area including Lancashire, Sheffield, North Wales and as far north as Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow in Cumbria.

Reiki Tradition School of Reiki understands and values the importance of ensuring that all Reiki practitioners are fully supported and taught to the highest Syllabus Standards of the:

  • Core Curriculum

  • National Occupational Standards


We value the high standards with which we work to and feel that it is paramount that we demonstrate the high standards of practice which we uphold. Reiki Tradition is registered on Accredited Registers and verified as a Accredited Reiki Training Provider. This builds trust with our clients, students, health providers and the public by demonstrating that we “Stand up for Standards”.


Students who are taught to the highest syllabus standards can work within NHS Statutory Settings, either as volunteers or in paid positions. Having been taught to the highest standards means that practitioners can work single handed or part of multidisciplinary teams. 

Early 2022, we decided to raise our standards at Reiki Tradition as a means to support and work with professional organisations thus promoting and preserving Reiki.


Reiki Tradition choose to be voluntary regulated and in doing so this made us publicly accountable showing our commitment to 'Stand up for Standards’.

This Demonstrates to our clients, students, health providers and the public that:

  • We are a professionally trained and qualified School of Reiki.

  • Are fully insured.

  • Work to high standards of conduct, ethics and safety.

  • Have been strictly verified by the leading Governing  Reiki Councils

  • Showing we have credibility


Reiki Tradition School of Reiki, are Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT), and the Complementary Health Professionals (CHP), who are a verifying organisation of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and therefore our courses are recognised by the CNHC for their Reiki Register. CHP is also a member of the Reiki Council, and as such we are also listed as an approved training provider on the Reiki Council website. 

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