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Reiki Tradition Lineage

and Reiki Lineage Tracing Service


Please find below our unique and pure Reiki Lineage that goes back to Mikao Usui Sensei. Reiki Tradition honour and preserve this lineage. Reiki Tradition also operate a Reiki Lineage Tracing Service where we store electronically thousands of linages from hundreds of Masters. Please note For Core Curriculum (CC) and National Occupational Standards (NOS) we only store Lineage records that relate back to Mikao Usui Sensei.

A Reiki Lineage is a (tree) listing all Past Masters it has to be emphasised, only master's are listed on a Lineage along with the year they became Master. To know if your lineage is a viable Usui Reiki lineage under the Core Curriculum (CC) and National Occupational Standards (NOS) some guidelines are given and listed below.


Lineages that follow a Western teaching Strategy and understanding, will always have these master’s at the beginning of the lineage:

1st Generation:   Mikao Usui sensei

2nd Generation: Chujiro Hayashi sensei

3rd Generation:  Hawayo Takata sensei


All lineages from Mrs Hawayo Takata Sensei would include one of the following masters as 4th generation they were the 22 Masters taught by Hawayo Takata Sensei.

George Araki
Dorothy Baba
Ursula Baylow
Rick Bockner
Patricia Ewing
Barbara Brown
Fran Brown
Phyllis Furumoto
Beth Gray
John Gray
Iris Ishikuro
Harry Kuboi
Ethel Lombardi
Barbara McCullough
Mary McFayden
Paul Mitchell
Bethel Phaigh

Shinobu Saito
Virginia Samdahl
Wanja Twan
Barbara Weber Ray
Kay Yamashita

If your Reiki master is in the Hawayo Takata Sensei lineage, and his or her Lineage does not include one of those names listed above, you should ask your master for verification or contact us for assistance.

There are also some Japanese lineages (e.g., those including either Hiroshi Doi sensei or Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei) available that follow Japanese teachings.

If you are unsure about your lineage or have queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to contribute your lineage to our ever-expanding database, to help and preserve Reiki Lineages for generations to come, please use the Lineage Submission form found below. 

Dr Mikao Usui
1922 - (1st Generation)

Chujiro Hayashi
1925 - (2nd Generation)

Hawayo Takata
1936 - (3rd Generation)

Iris Ishikura
1980 - (4th Generation)

Arthur Robertson
1982 - (5th Generation)

Jeanine Sande
1989 - (6th Generation)
Judith Tripp Chasin
1992 - (7th Generation)
Sarah Hulme
1993 - (8th Generation)

Ethel Kilroy
1997 - (9th Generation)

Martin Robert Thirlwell
2014 - (10th Generation)
If you would like to contribute your own Reiki Lineage to our ever-growing database, please fill in this form and submit it back to us. 
This information will be used to preserve, and the preservation work
of Reiki Lineages for the generations to come.
Reiki Tradition continue to pursue our work with Reiki Lineages to archive our Lineages securely for future students to use.
Thank You
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