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Reiki Tradition the way to Healing 


What is Reiki ??


Reiki is the ancient art of healing by touch. Reiki is a Japanese word (REI-KI). REI means ‘Universal’ and KI means life-force energy’. The word Reiki is pronounced ‘Ray-Key’; therefore, Reiki is ‘Universal life-force energy’.


Reiki is a method of channelling life-force energy to address not only physical disorders but also heal emotional and spiritual issues. It is a practice that works on the Mind, Body and Spirit. Reiki is not a religion. The use of Reiki energy can be traced back for thousands of years, spanning many diverse cultures and civilisations. It was reintroduced in its present form in the late 19th Century after many years of dedicated research by Dr Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Christian educator.


Reiki flows through every living thing since it is the universal life-force energy. However, what makes this system of healing different from others is the process of ‘Attunements’ which the student experiences during their Reiki training. The Attunements are a very ancient process for fine-tuning the physical and etheric bodies to a higher vibrational level and opening a purified channel in the body for the energy to pass through. Once this channel is opened through the Attunement process it will remain open for the person's lifetime. The Reiki energy is activated simply by the intent to use it.


During a treatment, Reiki is not sent to the healer, it is drawn through the body of the practitioner from the Universal Energy source. The energy moves through the purified channel within the healer, firstly transmuting any negativity or blocks within the practitioner thus ensuring that they never pass any negativity onto the recipient. As a result, the healer is never ‘drained’ during the process of giving a treatment. The more we use and work with the energy the greater the flow and strength of this energy. One of the many benefits of Reiki is the ability to self-heal.

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