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Understanding The Reiki Attunement Process (Reiju)


I get asked regular what is the actual idea behind the Attunement process ?, what does it do ?, and how does it relate to the crown chakra ?. To give a true and accurate answer to this question we have to relate to the actual understanding of the Japanese Eastern way of understanding Attunements (Reiju).

In Eastern terminology Reiju translates as, Rei (Universal) and Ju, meaning (Empowerment Enlightenment), so one receiving an Attunement, is actually receiving (Universal Empowerment Enlightenment). This process can and will also make the recipient become aware of who they actually are (A Soul Divine Being).  To further understand the system and process lets look at a (straw) you can simply pour water in from the top of a straw, and it will flow out of the bottom. In Eastern terminology  its taught that the (straw) is an (Energy Tube) and simply the same process happens, you can pour water into the (energy tube) from the top and it will flow out of the bottom.  Let’s further look at the Attunement. A reiki Master performing an Attunement isn’t adding something, that is already there, everyone is born with an (energy tube) its just that this energy tube can get polluted and narrowed if your heart is in a negative condition, storing anger and worries, physically unhealthy it can cause the (Energy Tube) to become stagnated, blocked, and lack of flow just like the veins and arteries within our body.


It has to be noted this (Energy Pipe) will never close completely, if you use Reiki on a regular basis, it will remain open wider.

The Attunement (Reiju) is a ritual to let Reiki flow through and clean the energy pipe. Just like pouring a large amount of water through a drainpipe to clean it. By doing so, Reiki starts to flow better. Reiki flows through our physical body and brings this cleansing effect directly, but also, any anger and worries will be diminished by Reiki which helps to maintain the quality of our soul. This also helps to clean the energy pipe, indirectly. 

It is not unusual to hear the comment right after an Attunement, “I don’t really feel any difference.” Because there is already an energy pipe, and the Attunement worked to improve the existing function better, comments like “I didn’t feel anything after Attunements” simply confirm the fact that an Attunement doesn’t provide something brand-new to our body”.


Namaste  X

Receiving Attunement (Reiju) at Reiki Tradition

Reiki Tradition frequently operate Top-Up Attunement Reiju evenings, usually on a Sunday 1pm till 4pm these Top-Up evenings are usually run every quarter. Please contact us for our next event or simply view our Upcoming Courses above, then select, Upcoming Events or simply click here If you require any further information regarding our Top-Up Evening please do not hesitate to contact me where ill be pleased to offer my assistance Thank You. 

Our Next Top-Up Attunement Reiju, will be Sunday 24th November 2024 1pm till 4pm. 

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