Upcoming Events

We are constantly being asked regards our Reiki Shares and Events so I decided to create this page where you can view all our events coming up throughout 2020. I am still working on this page and I will put all dates and times on shortly All our Reiki events will be run from the Therapy Rooms based in Groton Springhead Oldham in Lancashire. We have a number of different events for you to attend and join in with audiance participation. These events have shown very popular in the past and are usually a full house. The events we have planned for 2020 are as below:

  • Reiki drop in surgery: Time, date will be announced shortly. To run every Friday evening 7pm till 9pm. So if you feel like you need a Reiki treatment come along and receive a 20 minute treatment from one of our practitioners for only £5. If you are a Reiki Practitioner come along and join in meet like minded people and a chance to network. This is a great way to build confidence. Reiki 1st degree students are also welcome to come along and join in.

  • Awareness and Regression Evening:  Time and date to be announced shortly this is a ticket only event priced at £20. This event is run over 2 consecutive Friday evenings 7pm till 9.15pm the first Friday is about Awareness and understanding how our loved ones who have passed are only a thought away. The evening has a guided meditation to bring up close your loved ones and to reunite with them again. The second Friday evening is all about Regression re-live one of your past life's with fantastic results.

  • Meet Your Guide:  Time and date to be announces shortly this is a ticket only event priced at £20. A superb evening meditation, designed to bring you close with one of your guides, a element of trust is built into this meditation designed to bring you close to your guide this a guaranteed a superb evening.

  • Special Event Evening: Sunday 24th May 2020 7pm till 9.15pm cost £20. This evening is guaranteed to be a sell out. This evening demonstrates to you various ways how our guides work with use with Reiki. The evening will demonstrate Psychic Surgery, Movers, Sound Healing, Chakra Alignment and Aura Cleansing. We have some very Honoured, special and dedicated  Practitioners that work very closely with their guides come along and whiteness this special event and a chance to join in with audience participation. All proceeds from this event go to our Charity we are involved with "The Sam Buxton Sun Flower Healing Trust" Its the aim of the charity to get a Reiki practitioner at the bedside of every Cancer Patient in every Hospital and Hospice throughout the UK.


  • Reiki Shares: Time and date to be announced shortly this is a free event however our Donation charity box will be available. Our Reiki shares are very popular and are usually a sell out. If you are a Reiki practitioner even a Reiki 1st Degree come along and join in, meet like minded people and a chance to network, better still this is a great opportunity to build confidence. 

  • Development Group: Time and date to be announced shortly. This group is designed to develop your Spiritual awareness we have lots of Audience participation and lots of demonstrations for you to take part in. This group will run fortnightly 7pm till 9pm at a cost of £10 per student. 

Reiki Drop In Surgery

Date coming soon

Come along and receive a 20 minute treatment. Anytime between 7pm and 9pm. Will be running weekly.