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Accredited Vs Non-Accredited

It has to be emphasised, at Reiki Tradition we only teach one Reiki 1st degree itinerary course and one Reiki 2nd Degree itinerary course. and one Reiki 3rd Degree Master/Teacher Level Itinerary course Both our 1st and 2nd degree Reiki itinerary courses are taught to the Syllabus Standards of the:

Regulated Qualifications framework (RQF)

 Ofqual Level Descriptor (8)

Core Curriculum (CC)

National Occupational Standards (NOS)

Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

 Code of Conduct set out by the (FHT)

Complementary Health Professionals (CHP)

Reiki Council (RC)

Both Accredited and Non-Accredited Students attend the same course, as listed above to the Syllabus Standards. It is compulsory and Core Curriculum that Accredited Students have to attend both 1st and 2nd degree course elements, to comply with 65 teaching hours. Upon completion of 1st and or 2nd degree Accredited Students will have to continue with home study work and comply to case studies.


Accredited Students:


It has to be mentioned and highlighted;  Accreditation isn't for everyone.

If you are considering working either voluntary or in any paid position within a Statutory Setting within a NHS Hospital, Hospice, Care Home or even a Veterinary Surgery then, it's essential an Accredited Qualification Reiki course to the Core Curriculum Syllabus Standard inclusive of 65 hours of training and undertaking 175 case studies is required. An Accredited Qualification is the training course for you.   

Accredited Students only after completing 65 hours of training and 175 home study work (case studies) will a Diploma Certification be presented marked as Accredited. 

Non-Accredited Students:

If you require to learn Reiki for self, Family, Friends, or even own Animals than a Non-Accredited Reiki course is sufficient and will meet your needs and requirements. A Non-Accredited Reiki course is for you. 

Non-Accredited students attending the same 1st and or 2nd degree Reiki courses upon completion a certificate will be issued usually within 7 days marked as Non-Accredited. Non-Accredited students do not have to comply with home study work (case studies). 

At Reiki Tradition our ethos is Teaching to a very high standard, teaching and bringing together both Accredited and Non-Accredited Students on the same course. Teaching this way Non-Accredited students are receiving the same Knowledge, Understanding, Training and Respect of Reiki the same as Accredited Students. The only difference being Accredited students continue for further hours of training and case studies. Non-Accredited students receive a Non-Accredited certificate within 7 days of completion. 

If you are unsure what course to book onto, please do not hesitate to contact us where we will be pleased to offer our assistance and guide you to your correct training. You can use the below links to take you to the relevant course page.

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