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The Dr Usui's System of training was developed to be given in three distinct stages,

1st Degree, 2nd Degree, and 3rd Degree,

We honour this system and the degrees are detailed in depth as structured as the links above.

Please note Certain Criteria has to be allowed for students booking Courses. A minimum time period of 6 months from completing Reiki 1st Degree to starting Reiki 2nd Degree has to elapse. And a further 12 months has to elapse from completing Reiki 2nd Degree to starting Reiki 3rd Degree.  



If you are considering Reiki just for self healing or perhaps becoming a Reiki Practitioner or you are just simply interested in Reiki for family and friends, it is very important that you enrol on a reputable course to learn the ancient art of Reiki Healing with masters / teachers that are dedicated to their work and have the correct certification and qualifications that allow them to teach. Under such circumstances your training will benefit from their professional guidance and you will also thrive working with the energies these masters / teachers can show, and demonstrate to you.  


At Reiki Tradition we specialise in offering our students the very best in tuition, courses available are

Reiki degree 1, Reiki Degree 2, and Reiki degree 3 Master / teacher Level.


Courses are based on a limited number of students of up to 6. This way we can give 100% attention to each and every Student.

Our Reiki degree 1 and degree 2 Courses run for a duration of two consecutive days at 8 hours each total 16 hours.

And our degree 3 master / teacher  runs for 6 evenings at 3 to 4 hours each totalling approximately 18 hours.


All our courses are certification courses and upon completion the students will have achieved that degree set out for that course. To view or book one of our courses or simply view each course in more detail  please select from the drop down menu above under "Classes Courses" or view the links below.


A FREE buffet and refreshments on all our courses will be supplied during each session.


The Dr Usui's system of training was developed to be given in three distinct stages,  1st Degree,   2nd Degree, and 3rd Degree,  We honour this system and the degrees are detailed in depth as structured as the links above. 


Reiki Degrees are "Degrees of Energy"

FHT Members Gain CPD Points by attending any of our courses


Accredited Reiki 1st degree gain 19 CPD points

Accredited Reiki 2nd degree gain 29 CPD points

Accredited Reiki 3rd degree gain 29 CPD points



We look forward to seeing you on one of our courses Call Us Now.



Please note and be advised you CANNOT achieve a Reiki Degree over the internet, a lot of websites offer Reiki Training which specify you can "become a reiki practitioner / healer". Becoming a Reiki Practitioner requires the student to be initiated by attunements from a Reiki Master. This is a ancient process which is impossible to be done over the internet such websites are misleading and are just after you handing money over. At Reiki Tradition we are committed to passing on the Dr Usui system of healing on correctly to all our student's, in its correct ancient form and teaching correct symbols. Our overall advice is check any master's qualifications,

make sure its not been carried out as a online course.