Reiki Tradition Testimonials


We appreciate all your comment's we receive here at Reiki Tradition. We aim to display all comments you have kindly give us here on this page. If you have any comments you can submit them using our comments form found under "contact us".  Or you can simply click the button below to go to our form. May we personally say thank you to each and every on of you.

Mr John Deo      (Failswoth)


Thanks for your great service when we needed it the most! This was exactly what we needed! was told about Reiki from a freind. will be back.

Carol        (Oldham)


My first Reiki Treatment with you. All my pains have now vanished cannot believe it truly amazing 

Barry Harding-Rathbone – 5 star  (Rochdale)


Wasn't first ever Reiki session after over 20 years as a teaching medium and therapist and boy did I need it! Absolutely at one with myself, Martin was a complete star and a truly professional healing channel.



Loretta Parry – 5 star 


Simply Amazing. XxxxX


Mary Ryan – 5 star 


Tonight was my first Reiki treatment done by a Reiki master (Reiki Tradition).What an amazing experience thank you so much, I could actually feel you take my pain away and even managed to go into a peaceful sleep. I have learnt so much tonight and highly recommend to everyone x


Gill Kelly


After having a sever neck and back pain for many weeks I had a one hour treatment from Martin and after I was amazed all my pain had gone. This was such a brilliant result thank you.