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Students Testimonials

Here at Reiki Tradition we welcome and appreciate all of your comments. We aim to post them on this page. 

If you wish to leave a comment kindly do so using the 'Contact Form' button below.  All testimonials received by our form submission form, are checked by humans before being added to this site. 

May I personally thank each and every one of you,



Sharon Whitley

I have known Martin since  April 2017 . I did my masters with Martin I started to help on his courses I started on a reiki 1 and I was hooked each course I learn something  new Martin is always researching so he can give proof to the students. It keeps us all on our toes he keeps all his paper work up to date so his courses are run in accordance  with what the FHT requirements all students  leave his courses  knowing every thing they need and the confidence  that Martin is always there to support them.
thank you Martin x


Gemma Hutchings

I completed my level 1 reiki back in September 2019 over two days and the course blew my mind.
Martin the reiki master is absolutely fantastic teaching you step by step what to do and is so fascinating with his knowledge..he knows his stuff :)
The environment is so relaxing and tranquil. Martin and the ladies are so welcoming and encouraging to make you feel at ease and help every step of the way.
The groups are small which I prefer as you get to connect on the same level.
I would highly recommend this course whether you’d like to become a practitioner or simply to use reiki on yourself.
My level 2 is booked and I am looking forward to it.
Thank you Martin, you are gifted x


Demi Ellis Derry

I passed my level one reiki course at reiki tradition over 3 years ago.
Reiki was completely new to me and I was taught this life changing alternative therapy in a time of uncertainty.
I was given not only skills and knowledge but at this time a savoir.
Martin is a master who’s passion of reiki is passed through to each student.
I went on to complete my level 2 after 6 month and am now an 11th generation reiki master.
I think our destiny is written but we have the choice on who supports us,
I chose the very best with reiki tradition, it has set high standards for the level I pass on to my students.


Lisa Valentine Mack

I completed my Reiki 1 and 2 diplomas with Reiki Tradition. I'd never done anything like this before and wasn't sure what to expect but I needn't have worried. Martin Thirwell and the ladies who were assisting on both my courses were amazing. Very welcoming, friendly and professional. I was instantly at ease and enjoyed both courses immensely. The rooms are beautiful and the atmosphere is energizing. I've made sone wonderful friends and Martin is a wonderful Reiki Master. He remains in constant touch and is always only a call or text away. My Reiki family continues to grow and is my constant life line. I highly recommend Reiki Tradition  to anyone considering doing one of these courses or just seeking a therapy. Amazing people.


Jade Nicole Halkyard

I wanted to take this time to review the incredible and phenomenal courses that are provided by Reiki Tradition. I want to encourage people that are interested in Reiki to select Reiki Tradition as their training provider. You will not be disappointed. I have spoken to many Reiki practitioners after undertaking my courses and have found that there is no comparison. Many of them have re-trained with Reiki Tradition after hearing about my experience!


I cannot speak highly enough of the courses provided. The courses themselves are full of easy to understand information on every aspect of Reiki including origins, spiritual aspects and many other incredible elements. Over the duration of the course, so many different aspects are covered in fantastic detail and the courses are delivered to an incredibly high standard with professionalism.


The Reiki practice opportunities are fantastic too and the demonstrations provided allow for deeper understanding. The team that host are just amazing, very friendly, warm, approachable, professional people. The fantastic aftercare that is available to students is second to none. This is something you rarely see after attending a course.


To give a background, I had very little prior knowledge around Reiki. After having a session of Reiki at a local therapy centre, I became fascinated by it and wanted to learn it for myself.


I did some research to see what courses were around and was drawn to ‘Reiki Tradition’ website. The website was very informative so I decided to make contact. After speaking to Martin who is friendly, genuine with a lovely warm reassuring manner, I decided to book on the Reiki one.


I was nervous on arrival but the lovely, friendly team were incredibly reassuring. I knew very quickly I’d made the right decision to do my training with them. The classes were of a small number, which I found highly beneficial. Every student had an opportunity to be heard and every students learning needs were attended too.


Martin is like the font of all knowledge and very inspirational. With years of Reiki experience, he was able to bring life to what we were learning with incredible and fascinating anecdotes. The passion and dedication that Martin and his team of assistants have for Reiki is very apparent and is shown throughout the courses.


Martin encourages the students to keep in contact regularly so he can see the progress and answer any questions which I’ve found very beneficial.


Also on the course we were given a series of ‘attunements’ to open us up to the Reiki energy and also given aftercare information to ensure we were aware of some of the symptoms/side effects that this can bring, which was very useful.


At the end of the course the students became friends after starting and sharing such an amazing journey together. The experience itself and the incredible atmosphere is just indescribable. I left on the final day just in awe and could not believe what I had just experienced.


I left with so much knowledge of Reiki. The students were given incredible take home information in a file including a booklet that includes and covers every aspect of the information that was delivered over the course and also lovely gifts for each student.


We had coursework to complete over a number of weeks to fully complete the course. We were fully supported with this. We were also invited to attend a presentation evening which was very valuable, so we could see how we all had progressed and to get any answers or explanations to questions/experiences that we had.


After learning and experiencing on the course the benefits of Reiki and how it can have such a positive impact on yourself and those around you, I found myself on the second day of Reiki one booking on my second. As the level one is for friends, family and pets, I wanted to become a practitioner so I could share this highly beneficial and special gift that I have learned with the public.


I have completed my second now and I found the exact same incredibly high standards on Reiki Two but with a more intense experience!


I can genuinely say that it was the best decision I ever made to train with Reiki Tradition. Thank you Reiki Tradition for being an incredible training provider and continuing to support students and others with Reiki.

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