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 Paulownia wood scroll box

Our Kakejiki scroll boxes (see photograph below) are made in Japan from Paulownia wood. The box can be used for both the original scroll and the Photoshop scroll.

Whilst not in use both the Kakejiki scrolls and Photoshop scrolls should be kept in a scroll box to keep them clean, safe and tidy. The paulownia wood box comes supplied with tissue paper in which to roll your scroll and an outer cardboard sleeve to protect the box.

Reiki Tradition will include a free instruction leaflet sheet showing you to how to roll your scroll and place it in the box correctly. Using the correct method will ensure that your scroll is kept in the best possible condition.

The Kakejiki scroll box measures: 515mm x 60mm x 50mm (internal) and 540mm x 80mm x 75mm (external).

Please allow 4-5 weeks from order to delivery to the` UK.  The price is inclusive of import taxes and duties. 

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