Pawsome World of Reiki for Animals

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Welcome to the Pawsome World of Reiki for Animals.


Living or Working with Animals is a blessing and a pleasure, imagine if you could strengthen that bond through Reiki.

Reiki helps with a number of things that our animals present to us, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, and Behavioural Issues. The power of Reiki would help both owner and animal live in a more comfortable and calmer environment together. As a reiki practitioner you would be able to understand your animals emotions and be able to help soothe those feelings. 

Here at the Therapy Rooms, we have put together THE PAWSOME WORLD OF REIKI especially for animals lovers whether that's at home or in a professional environment. We will talk and guide you through Reiki healing and how to help your animal with any ailments present. We will give you guidance and knowledge on reading an animal's body language and talk a little about Holistic Therapies. So, whether you're a pet owner or a professional or wanting to work within the animal world this course is for everyone to help animals live a Happier, Healthier, Holistic Life. 


We were finding that a lot of our students wanted to work with animals but were very unsure where to start, here at Reiki Tradition we decided to create a Two-day workshop where you could come along to listen to professional speakers and meet likeminded people and a chance to network and a chance to practice on real animals with real ailments.



Soon after this we decided to move things forward and introduce this as an Accredited Course Accreditation held with the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT). Reiki Tradition are the only Accredited Short Course provider with the FHT for Animal Reiki, after doing some research there are other organisations and society's offering very similar course, however these courses are not open to the general public and only remain for members. 


It has always been our policy that everyone is welcome to learn how to do Reiki on their own animal and we will give you an insight of Reiki and the tools and knowledge to implement it at home. You don't have to have undergone a Reiki Training Course to attend, intent plays a massive part in Reiki although the person attending that has not undergone any Reiki Training will be working from their own body resources and could make you feel tired and depleted in a short period of time. To combat this, we will be offering 1st Degree Reiki Courses on the day with discounts and incentives.


There is no better way and certainly no other Animal Reiki Course where you will be offered a unique chance to practice on live animals with real ailments, we will show you Reiki Healing techniques covering a huge amount of different scenarios of Illness. 

Our Accredited short course runs for a duration of 7 hours 10am till 5pm and will be run on a Saturday and Sunday. It is important that these courses are run from mid-September until March. This is to make sure the ambient temperatures in the therapy rooms are cool and comfortable for the animals. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me where I’ll be pleased to offer my assistance. 

Thank you.


  • Anybody can attend However:

For Accreditation Certification:

  • Accredited Short Course duration 10am till 5pm.

  • Course limited to 5 students only.

  • Pre-Requisites for Accreditation (Further Development).


  • 1st Degree Reiki.

  • 2nd Degree Reiki.

  • 3rd Degree Reiki.

  • Upon completion students will be presented with a certificate marked Accredited.


  •  Non-Accreditation (General Public) attending without no Pre-Requisites.

  •  Upon completion attendees will be presented with a certificate marked Attended only.

Course Itinerary 


  • Arrive 9.30am 9.45am Pre-Tea Coffee

  • Start 10am

  • Martin welcome words and introduction

  • Martin explanation on animal reiki

  • Martin explanation on Byosen on animals

  • Martin explanation on Balanced healing on animals

  • Lynnette explanation on animal healing at home and in a professional environment

  • Lynnette PowerPoint Talk on skeletal and muscular anatomy of animals

  • Karla explanation on Veterinary Orthodox and Reiki on animals

  • Lynnette demonstration reiki and chakras on dummy animal


  • Break for Lunch 12.30pm – 1.30pm


  • Start back 1.30pm

  • 5 Animals will arrive with owners for 1.30pm. Each animal will be placed in its own room with its owner.

  • Each student will be allocated an animal to practice Animal Reiki on for a period of 20/25 minutes each.

  • Each student will move to a different animal to allow the student to feel a different illness and energy until all 5 animals have been treated.

  • Each student will be guided and monitored by Myself, Lynnette and Karla.

  • Finish just before 4pm


  • 4pm animals and owners will leave the Therapy Rooms to make their journey back home.


  • 4pm each student will be asked to reflect on the days training. A series of Q & A will be asked, and each student will be asked how they felt and managed the animal Reiki Healing sessions.

  • Students will be handed course handouts these being:


  • Byosen paperwork

  • Balanced Healing Paperwork

  • Chakra Pictures

  • Skeletal Pictures

  • Muscular Pictures

  • Feedback Paperwork


  • Short Course will finish at 5pm


  • Upon completion certificates will be presented along with

  • Manual

  • Keep safe Doggy Paw key ring

  • And a special Certificate for the Animal