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Thank you for looking at attending our 'Beat your Ego' Event. on this event you will learn the 3 elements that go to create our physique Concious Mind (Ego) Id (Instingts) and our Super Ego representing (Morality). Once we learn to clear the hussle buzzle in our concious mind it leads to a happier healthier you, where you can become one more easier with your higher self and also have the ablility to work with spitit much easier. 

Consider life has a galloping horse ? on this event, you will learn how to take the rains, and take control calming the ride. Namaste. x

Beat your Ego,

  • This Event is subject to our Non-Refundable payment. Please make sure before booking onto this event you have read and understood our Non-Refundable Terms and Conditions Payment Policy.

    To read our Terms and Conditions Payment Policy simply Click Here

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