These Certificates are only available to Reiki Tradition Students who have completed any of our 1st 2nd or 3rd degree Accredited Reiki course with us within the date range, from 1st January 2016 to 1st January 2020. Please note all courses being run after 1st January 2020  these certificates are presented free of charge upon completion of the course on the presentation evening. Each certificate is independantly printed to each course you attended, so for example if you attended a Accredited Reiki 1st degree course then please select Reiki 1st degree on the following page we will ask for the date of your course and your unique Student Identification number which you can find on the bottom left corner of your certificate, for the Reiki 1st degree course you attended.  If you attended multiple courses in this time frame we can submitt a certificate for each course you attended so mulltiple certificates is a option for you. if you require further certificates for additional courses please repeat the booking before you go to checkout otherwise you will have to login again and do seperate bookings.


To preserve these Certificates to be issued only to Reiki Tradition Students. Reiki Tradition reserve the right to check all submitted information against our Student Database. If we find any details that do not match our system no Certificate/s will be issued. We ask all students purchasing these certificates not to copy and distibute as this will result in copyright infringment policies.


Each certificate is A4 and comes complete with our own accredited Reiki training provider embossed stamp mark to show "mark of approval" and also stamped with our own Japanese "Kanji Hanko" showing Reiki Tradition "Authenticity". Thank you Namaste.

Qualification and Standards Certification

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